Roofing Maintenance

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Snow Retention

Metal Roofing systems require a snow break for exposed fastener systems.

Snow brakes come in 10′ sections and help prevent snow from sliding off the roof at one time and falling on somebody or piling up in front of the garage door or unneeded sections.

We usually install two rows, so the snow hits the first row and slows down for the second row preventing a big pile of snow around your home.
Standing seam panels require a railing system. We use Rocky Mountain Snow Guards for our railing system. We have two types a 1 bar and 2 bar system.

Snow Removal/Maintenance

Benefits to maintenance would be to keep the snow load as minimal as possible in the wintertime.

Preserve roof as long as possible / snow and ice can damage roofing material and cut the longevity of your roofing system.